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Prix de leadership communautaire

Créé en 2014, le Prix annuel des ambassadeurs d’accueil à Ottawa reconnaît l’importance d’attirer l’attitude envers les nouveaux arrivants et le rôle essentiel que jouent les liens sociaux dans l’établissement et l’intégration des nouveaux arrivants.

City’s largest mural ‘transforms’ Ottawa Community Housing building

The city’s largest mural, entitled Transformation: The Welcoming Ottawa Mural was unveiled at 215 Wurtemburg on November 3. The mural is showcased on the south wall of the building, facing Rideau Street. It helps …

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Coming Out & Coming In

By Louisa Taylor We humans like our words, and we like them simple. We throw around the word “immigrants” as if somehow the 250,000 people who migrate to Canada every year can be summed …

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Immigrants of Ottawa Come Into Focus

We learn so much about others from the images we see and the stories we hear. But what if most of the images of immigrants these days show desperate people crammed onto overloaded boats, …

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Who are we, anyway?

For almost two centuries, Europeans merely passed through these Algonquin lands. It was not until 1800 that Philemon Wright, of Woburn, Massachusetts, built a home for himself at the foot of the portage, on …

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