Welcoming Ottawa Ambassadors:
Call for Nominations

The Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) invites you to nominate an individual who positively impacted your journey in making Ottawa your new home, to receive the 2023 Welcoming Ottawa Ambassador Awards.

The Welcoming Ottawa Ambassadors Award, given by the Mayor of Ottawa every year, celebrates Ottawa residents who embody Ottawa’s spirit and commitment to being a welcoming city to newcomers. Your nomination will help us to recognize the outstanding citizens who go far and beyond in facilitating the integration of newcomers particularly during this pandemic.

Here is how it works:

Tell us your story, using our online nomination form. Think back to when you first arrived in Ottawa as a newcomer to Canada, whether it was 20 years or 20 days ago. Was there someone who did something supportive – big or small – that made you feel at home in Ottawa?

Maybe a colleague who explained the ins and outs of the Canadian workplace, a teacher who inspired you to succeed, a neighbour who was supportive to you, or a new friend who helped you make useful connections. Tell us how this person helped you, how they went the extra mile to support your adjustment to a new life in Ottawa.

To be eligible, the nominator must be an immigrant or a refugee, while the person being nominated (nominee) can be anybody. There is also no restriction on how long you have been in Ottawa.


For more information about Welcoming Ottawa Ambassadors Awards and the selection process, contact Nyamulola Kambanji at nyamulola@olip-plio.ca