Ambassador: Maurice White

Nominator: Ndusha Ruhune Freecare

Going to the Baseline for a Newcomer

In doubles tennis, when one teammate goes to the baseline for the other, it’s a way of supporting them in this fast-paced game. Maurice White, who shares a regular tennis game with Ndusha Ruhune Freecare, has often gone to the baseline for this newcomer 

Ndusha, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), came to Ottawa as a Government Assisted Refugee (GAR) in the 2017. He had spent 10 long years as a refugee in Zambia and through the UNHCR and the Canadian government’s GAR program, finally found a country to truly call home. 

“I felt relieved when I arrived in Canada,” remembers Ndusha. “As a refugee I didn’t have a sense of what tomorrow would be. When you are stateless, you don’t benefit from government services. Although you have some protection, in the back of your mind you always know that you can’t return to your country of origin. 

 In Zambia he was a pastor. At the refugee camp where he lived, he also managed humanitarian projects through Beacon of Hope – Zambia, a non-profit organization which works to positively transform the