Pedro Diaz

Finding a brother in Canada

When Gipsy Gosh immigrated to Canada in 2012 she didn’t expect to find a Latin American brother, but she did.

“Pedro Diaz has been like a big brother to me,” says Gipsy. “As an Indian immigrant who had no multicultural friends here, he connected me to various Latin American and European communities which helped me create a beautiful multicultural platform, the “World Multicultural Festival.” This annual festival which began in 2016, includes fashion shows and dance performances that shine a light on Canada’s multicultural mosaic and breaks down barriers between various diverse groups.

Pedro, an accomplished community leader who on average volunteers three hours a day helping LGBTQ newcomers, has been the Director of Venezuelan folklore dance group, Churun Meru for 30 years. He is the Joint Director of Performances for the “World Multicultural Festival”.

Gipsy was looking for different multicultural groups and wanted to organize a pageant. She met Pedro at a gala event where he was performing as part of a Venezuelan folk group. “We started chatting and emailing,” explains Gipsy. Pedro, who immigrated to Canada in 1989, opened the door to the Latin American community and so much more. “I’m always organizing so many events, for the Latin American, Capital Rainbow Refuge and Ottawa Bears,” says Pedro who has an incredible amount of energy. “I’ve always tried to include as many newcomers in these events and it’s so rewarding to see them enjoy themselves in a safe environment.”

Pedro has taken seven Latin American LGBT refugees under his wing. They are Government Assisted Refugees, who sometimes can be more isolated than privately sponsored refugees who are linked to a group of Canadians. These refugees have become part of Pedro’s extended family and he checks on them o